New Olympus DS-9500 Digital Voice Recorder : Dictaphone : Replacement voice recorder for the Olympus DS-7000 Dictation Recorder

Portable Dictation Voice Recorders

*NEW Release : Olympus DS-9500 Dictation Voice Recorder with WiFi*

See the long awaited Olympus DS-9500 Professional Dictation Voice Recorder with WiFi capabilities and enhanced security.  Includes the new version of ODMS Pro Dictate Software R7.  The Olympus DS-9500 Voice Recorder replaces the Olympus DS-7000 Digital Voice Recorder

Mobile Dictation Recorders

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Portable Dictation Recorders

Philips  *  Olympus  *  Grundig

VoiceX supply and support the largest range of professional digital dictation voice recorders.   Professional, mobile dictation recorders allow you to dictate where you want and how you need.

Many dictation recorders are both PC & Mac compatible and are highly recommended for use with Dragon speech recognition software - for both online and offline speech recognition.

Our range includes digital voice recorders from; Philips, Olympus and Grundig.