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Olympus LS-12 Music & Sound Linear PCM Recorder

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  • Olympus LS-12 Music & Sound Linear PCM Recorder
  • Olympus LS-12 Music & Sound Linear PCM Recorder
  • Olympus LS-12 Music & Sound Linear PCM Recorder
  • Olympus LS-12 Music & Sound Linear PCM Recorder
  • Olympus LS-12 Music & Sound Linear PCM Recorder
  • Olympus LS-12 Music & Sound Linear PCM Recorder
Product Code: OLYM LS12

Olympus LS-12 Linear & PCM Sound & Music Recorder

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Professional audio recording made easy

The Olympus LS-12 makes it easier than ever for you to capture songs with professional, better-than-CD sound quality. High-quality direction microphones are perfectly complemented by an intuitive user interface, handy metronome lamps, full connectivity and more.

  • Auto recording level detection
  • Better-than-CD sound quality
  • Tuner, metronome and overdubbing
  • 2GB Internal memory, expandable to 32GB with SD/SDHC card
  • Record and playback in PCM and MP3

12 Month Warranty

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    Linear PCM Music Recorder

    Smart Mode

    Optimised recordings. Made easy.

    Smart Mode automatically adjusts the LS-12 to the optimum recording level, whatever the room acoustics or instrument arrangement. Just set the Mode Dial to Smart Mode, press the REC button and play a rehearsal of the part with the highest volume – the recording level and settings are automatically adjusted.

    Directional Stereo Microphones

    Clear sound. Pure enjoyment.

    The LS-12 teams up two high-sensitivity, low-noise microphones set at 90° angles to allow natural and expansive stereo recording that faithfully captures the original sound. They also record pure sound of up to 130dB for high-quality, immersive audio without clipping.

    Metronome & Tuner

    The right beat and tone.Every time.

    The metronome can be used for keeping regular beats during practice sessions or together with synchronous recording. It has a range of different settings that include adjustment of the countdown feature, tempo, rhythm pattern, sound and volume. The Chromatic tuner function ensures a proper response to all musical scales, and easily tuning your instrument of choice.

    Overdub Recording

    One personal track. Many performers.

    Use sources such as music CDs to make a unique recording in which you “perform together” with pro musicians. Overdubbing is also useful for adding sound effects such as the bustle of the city or bird calls or subtle arrangements on top of existing beats to create an original track.



    Better-than-CD sound.

    The LS-12 supports linear PCM recording at rates of up to 24 bits and sampling frequencies as high as 96kHz – far surpassing the 44.1kHz/16 bits of CD-quality audio. When you select this bit rate and sampling frequency, you can readily make a CD of your own recordings.


    Faithful Hi-Fi sound.

    To transfer and amplify the sounds captured by the microphones as faithfully as possible, the LS-12 is designed with Hi-Fi signal processing circuitry. The amplifier components, including independent low-noise and low-distortion signals for the left and right channels, eliminate cross-channel interference to enable clear signal transmission and a high S/N ratio. Analogue circuits are also included to process the signals that affect subtle nuances in sound. What’s more, boards for the digital system control and audio systems have been separated to achieve low-noise signal transmission.


    The smart choice.

    The LS-12 features a single front dial that lets you choose between tuner and various recording modes in an instant: Smart, Manual and Quick. Particularly handy, Smart Mode automatically adjusts to the optimum recording level, making it easier than ever to achieve studio-standard results.


    Clear conversation recordings.

    When the Low-cut Filter is set to cut frequencies below 300Hz, it can eliminate background noises such as air conditioners or projectors. When switched to 100Hz, these noises are reduced while the recorder continues to capture lower frequency sound.


    Dynamic sound with every song.

    By fine-tuning the recording level to match the volume of the audio source, you can capture high-quality recordings that make the most of the dynamic range. Fine level control is aided by the PEAK display lamps and the lever meter on the LCD display.


    Intuitive recording.

    The LS-12’s ingenious pre-record function doesn’t leave anything to chance: a pre-record buffer captures several seconds of sound before you’ve even pressed the record button. So you can capture the vital start of a critical recording.


    Record with greater freedom.

    With the quick addition of the optional RS30W Remote Control from Olympus, you have the freedom to start and stop recordings from a distance. This accessory ensures that any noise which comes from the direct handling of the LS-12 is cancelled out.


    Full flexibility.

    Ensure an even more stable recording by connecting the LS-12 to a tripod, or even a compatible video camera’s hot shoe using an adapter. The convenient 1/4-inch tripod mount is built in.

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