Dragon Professional Voice Recognition Range

A new range of speech recognition by Nuance for professionals

You will notice that Nuance has created two distinct new speech recognition products for Professionals - Dragon Professional Individual and Dragon Professional Group.

Individual users wanting to work from only one or two computers are recommended to consider Dragon Professional Individual. Sites with multiple users, or those requiring Citrix or Terminal Server compatibility, network based functions such as "Roaming Profiles" should consider Dragon Professional Group.

Need Support for Dragon?

VoiceX are a proud - fully authorized - Nuance Support Partner for the entire range of Dragon speech recognition products.  Our dedicated, in-house Technical Support Team have a range of initial and ongoing support options.  Find out more at www.voicex.com.au/dragon-support

Dragon Professional

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Dragon Training

Speech recognition is a new way of working for most people and like with most things, success means getting it right from the start.

VoiceX strongly recommends Dragon User Training for all users new to speech recognition.

You can be assured that the technical support and user training you receive from VoiceX is first class.  We are fully authorized by Nuance and our technical team work closely with Nuance to ensure any unknown issues are investigated fully and solved quickly as possible.  Our technical team is also experienced in installing and supporting Dragon in "non-standard" Window's desktop environments, such as Citrix and Remote Desktop / Terminal Server.

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