Professional Dictation Solutions

Professional dictation has evolved to allow you to work how you need and where you want & VoiceX can assist you with selecting the right kind of technology,  Choose how you record, where you transcribe and how your dictations are transcribed.

Dictation & Transcription

Dictation voice recorders. Mobile dictaphone voice recorders. Philips DPM. Olympus DS. Digitial dictation smartphone app recording

Mobile Dictation Recording

Dictation on the go

Portable dictation recorders from Philips and Olympus allow you to create high-quality audio files on the go.

The new range of WiFi enabled, smart-dictation recorders - such as the Philips SpeechAir and Olympus DS-9500 now give you even more freedom to dictate and send directly from your device, whilst still giving you familiar slide-control operation and microphones designed for voice recording.

Smartphone dictation apps give you professional quality dictation functionality - with the convenience of simply using your smart-phone.

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SpeechMike Dictation Microphone : Philips SpeechOne Headset Microphone : Olympus RecMic Dictation Microphones

Dictation Microphones

At your desk dictation

Desktop or tethered dictation microphones provide an extremely reliable solution for dictating directly to your computer. Whether you use dictation microphones in conjunction with a dictation workflow software such as; Philips SpeechExec or Olympus ODMS - or as a stand alone microphone for speech recognition software - our range of desktop dictation microphones provide a flexible, high quality solution that is cost effective.

Most dictation microphones are both PC & Mac compatible and are often highly recommended for use with Dragon speech recognition software.  Choose from corded, wireless and now specifically designed, headset microhones - introducing the new SpeechOne by Philips.

Our range includes desktop and headset dictation microphones from; Philips, Olympus and Grundig.

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Digital Transcription Systems. Philips SpeechExec Transcriber. Olympus ODMS Transcriber. PC Transcriber Foot Controls

Transcription Solutions

Digital Transcriber Sets

Finalize documentation with ease and efficiency with a professional transcription solution. Professional Transcription software such as the Philips SpeechExec and Olympus ODMS all support staff to receive and transcribe audio via LAN, email or FTP. Integration with speech recognition software allows the option of dictation audio to be transcribed automatically from speech-to-text. Simply proof read and the job is done.

For a more flexible way of working consider a cloud solution such as SpeechLive. No software required, just log in via your web browser on any computer - PC and Mac compatible.

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Dictation transcription software. Windows and Mac compatible. Citrix dictation software. Remote desktop dictation software

Dictation Management Software

Dictation & Transcription for all environments

Dictation management software puts your words to work. 

The Philips SpeechExec and Olympus ODMS Dictation & Transcription management software modules are available for Windows and Mac computers and allow you to fully integrate Dragon speech recognition for automatic speech-to-text.

VoiceX provides a range of dictation software to suit every environment, from stand-alone applications & hosted cloud systems to on-premise, enterprise wide solutions with Citrix, Remote Desktop and Linux support.

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Cloud dictation system Philips SpeechLive. Browser based dictation transcription with smartphone app

Dictation & Transcription in the Cloud

SpeechLive by Philips. Australian based hosting.

Speak. Send. Done!

No need software required. Simply log in to a web browser on any computer - Windows or Mac and upload dictations, transcribe and manage all your users and settings.  Be assured of security and speed with the Australian based hosted server, with real-time, double encryption.

Dictate and upload with your existing Philips or Olympus dictation recorders or use the included Philips Voice Recorder smartphone app for easy dictate and send straight from your smartphone or SpeechAir device!  Also included is the new online recorder - allowing you to dictate direct to your computer.

Typists now have the convenience of being able to access and transcribe from any computer that is convenient - at work, or at home.  Full transcription features such as speed & auto-backspace, plus the convenience of transcribing via a USB foot control.

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Transcription Headsets, Ear-foams, Ear Sponges, Tapes, Dictaphone Tapes

Dictation & Transcription Accessories

Headsets, sponges, foot-controls & more

VoiceX carries a large range of dictation and transcription accessories. From foot-controls, to headsets - replacement ear-foams and specialty microphones for recording meetings, interviews, lectures and telephone conversations. We have everything to keep your system running and improve your working experience!

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Mini Cassette Tape Dictation. Micro Cassette Tape Dictation. Analogue dictaphones. Tape dictaphones & transcribers

Analogue Tape Dictation Systems

Mini Cassette Tape : Micro Cassette Tape

VoiceX still stocks a complete range of analogue tape dictation dictaphone recorders, transcribers and accessories.

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