SpeechLive Cloud Dictation Solution

Includes technical support & smartphone app
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No software required. No installation. No need for servers or network access.

  • Browser based dictation and transcription
  • Use your current dictation recorder or microphone
  • Includes the professional Philips Dictation Recorder App
  • Access dictations from any computer - Windows & Mac compatible
  • Secure real-time, double encryption. Australian based server.

Priced per user, per annum.


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    Speak. Send. Done.

    SpeechLive is the new and effective way of working from Philips that gives you the control of not only where you dictate or transcribe, but also of the system, settings and your users.

    SpeechLive is a subscription based solution, charged per user, per annum.  Users subscriptions can be transferred from old to new staff.

    Want to try it out?  Contact us for a 30 day, obligation free trial!

    THE AUTHOR : Bring your own device - or use the included Dictation Recorder App on your smartphone

    SpeechLive works with a large range of dictation recorders and microphones, including Philips DPM's, Olympus DS's and the Grundig Digta range of portable dictaphones and SpeechMike Dictation Microphones.  Simply login to your SpeechLive account and recorder directly to the web browser or dock your portable recorder to upload your pre-recorded dictations.  Dictations can be manually or automatically* uploaded to your SpeechLive dictation tray.

    *Automatic upload is only available on computers running a Windows operating system.

    Not always at your desk?

    When you are travelling or working on the run, simply tap Philips Voice Recorder app on your smartphone. Dictate, edit and send direct from your iPhone or Android device.  See the live status of your dictation in the transcription workflow.  The Philips Voice Recorder App provides you with full professional dictation functionality including the ability to prioritize dictation, add workflow keywords, insert and overwrite recording.  You can even attach an image to accompany the recording.

    For professionals who are always on the go - consider the new Philips Smart Dictation Recorder PSP2000.  This innovative new device combines the advantages of a dedicated dictation recorder (with slide control and superior microphones) with the convenience of the smartphone app (WiFi & touchscreen). 

    Read more about the Philips SpeechAir Smart Dictation Recorder...


    THE TYPIST : Transcribe from any computer. No software required but still use a foot control

    Provide your admin staff the flexibility to work from any computer - in the office, at another site, or even from home - without the need for additional software or complex network access.

    Typists simply log in to SpeechLive straight from their web browser and have direct access to dictations from their allocated authors via a simple folder-tree view.  Automatic notifications via email for new dictations can be selected making sure important work is never missed.  Professional transcription functionality is still available, such as automatic backspace via the foot control and speed control.

    Authors and other assigned typists can clearly see what dictations are currently pending, in progress, suspened and finished.  The automated Dictation Archive feature ensures that the transcription list is clear and the (optional) automatic purging of finished dictations can be set.

    • No software required. Windows & Mac compatible
    • Audio control via a compatible foot control or mouse (we recommend the Philips ACC2330 USB Foot Control)
    • Email notifications of new dictations
    • Optional Integration with SpeechExec Pro Transcribe for added functionality


    THE ADMINISTRATOR : Control your account, settings and users straight from your browser

    SpeechLive provides you a log-in for an administrator to manage your account  - at no charge.  This can be a user, an office manager or your IT.

    • Add, remove or change users
    • Assign author to typist relationship
    • Set system-wide settings such as dictation archive and purge rules
    • Back Up system
    • Run activity report

    SpeechLive Dictation Management

    Increase your flexibility and productivity

    Philips SpeechLive is your personal assistant in the cloud. The new dictation workflow service increases your productivity by allowing you to focus on your core business. You can now take full control of your entire dictation workflow, whether you are in the office or on the road. SpeechLive lets you upload, play and download dictation files, send them to your assistant or have them professionally transcribed using speech recognition software or a transcription service, which uses professional, industry-specific trained transcriptionists. Simply speak, send and you are done!


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