Infinity IN-USB-2 Foot Control

Product Code: V IN-USB

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Put Put your best foot forward

Ergonomic, hands free dictation and transcription that is compatible with a wide range of dictation and transcription software.

The resilient construction and durable internal switches of this new digital foot control has been redesigned and engineered from the floor up.

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    A foot control that holds it own

    Weighing 2.3lbs this foot control stands its ground... regardless of the foot size!

    Stays Put

    With greater surface contact the Infinity IN-USB-2 doesn't slip, creep or walk away from you.

    Low profile personality

    The re-sculpted contour of the new Infinity IN-USB-2 offers a lower profile between the floor and the pedal. This design also gives you a wider flare at the base of the foot pedal, giving you greater flexibility in foot size and foot movement.

    An easy touch

    Internally the Infinity IN-USB-2 incorporates extremely durable and sensitive switches that provide you with and "easy-touch" and minimal resistance for continuous long-lasting comfort.

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