Frequently Asked Questions

  • Dragon Medical

    FAQ's for Dragon Medical Speech Recognition - Speech Recognition Software specifically designed for the healthcare industry.

  • Digital Dictation

    FAQ's for digital dictation and digital transcripiton systems

  • Smartphone Dictation

    FAQ's about how you can use your iPhone, Blackberry or Android smartphone for professional dictation.

  • Find the Best Microphones for Speech Recognition

    Increase your speech recognition accuracy by selecting the best microphone, headset or digital dictation voice recorder to suit you

  • Dragon Training

    Dragon Training

    Speech recognition is a new way of working for most people and like with most things, success means getting it right from the start.

    VoiceX strongly recommends Dragon User Training for all users new to speech recognition.

    You can be assured that the technical support and user training you receive from VoiceX is first class.  We are fully authorized by Nuance and our technical team work closely with Nuance to ensure any unknown issues are investigated fully and solved quickly as possible.  Our technical team is also experienced in installing and supporting Dragon in "non-standard" Window's desktop environments, such as Citrix and Remote Desktop / Terminal Server.