Philips SpeechAir Smart Dictation Recorder

Philips SpeechAir Smart Voice Recorder with touch screen, wifi and BluetoothTouch the future of dictation

The Philips SpeechAir smart dictation voice recorder is about to change the way you work.

Built on a Android operating system and features such as WiFi, Bluetooth and a touch screen  - SpeechAir will allow you to work more flexibly than ever before - whilst still retaining the familiar and ergonimic slide control that professional users demand.

◊   Superior recording quality - the ultimate partner for Dragon Speech Recognition
◊   In built barcode reader and camera
◊   Connection via USB, Wi-Fi, LAN & Bluetooth
◊   Docking station for fast recharge & USB transfer
◊   Maximum data security
◊   Remote administration
◊   Complete dictation workflow via the Philips range of dictation management solutions
◊   Android OS
◊   Build your own solution with the SDK and HDK

Philips Speech Air is available for pre-order now.  

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 Philips SpeechAir is due for release in Australia & New Zealand - late May, 2016

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 Superior quality recording

As you would expect, Philips has engineered the SpeechAir smart voice recorder with three professional microphones delivering ultimate sound quality for any recording situation.  


360° microphone for recording meetings, conferences and interviews at a distance

Speech Recognition

A directional, noise cancelling microphone designed specifically for use with speech recognition and to provide the ultimate dictation recording quality


SpeechAir provides a dedicated microphone for VoIP telephony

Familiar & ergonomic dictation

Professionals require a device that provides an intuitive - and ergonomic - design for efficient single-handed operation, without having to look down at the device.  The SpeechAir features a wear-free slide switch for prolonged use, plus a customizable function key.

Maximum security

Confidentiality and data security is a high priority for all professionals, especially those in the legal and medical professions. SpeechAir recordings are encrypted in real time using AES, 256-bit. The device is PIN code protected and the camera can be locked and WiFi networks restricted.

Always connected

Save time and increase workflow efficiency by transferring your recordings directly to your typist - via Wi-Fi, LAN, USB and Bluetooth - no need to be back in the office.  Client and patient lists can also easily be accesed on the device so your dictation can always be assigned correctly.

Camera & barcode scanner

The camera built in to the SpeechAir allows you to easily take, store and attach supporting photos to your dictation - ideal for property inspections, insurance claims and evidence collection.  The SpeechAir camera also comes with an integrated barcode scanner enabling you to instantly link client and patient data to a recording just by scanning a QR or barcode.

Designed to last

As with all Philips professional dictation systems, the SpeechAir is designed to last.  The smart voice recorder features Gorilla glass wich makes the device scratch and shock proof to a US military standard 516.6.  The housing is made of antimicrobial synthetics to work against bacteria and various micro-organisms to ensure hygienic working. Philips stand behind the quality and reliability of SpeechAir by providing a full 2 year replacement warranty as standard.

Superior docking

It is not only the recorder that is smart.  The included docking station not only quickly recharges your device, but in addition to the traditional USB connectivity, the new LAN connection allows you to transfer your files directly from the dock without having to use a computer!  The dock comes with a Kensignton lock for anti-theft protection.

Philips Dictation Recorder app included

The integrated professional recorder app provides you with all the same features as the top-of-the-range dictation recorder, such as; editing modes, priority and EOL flag, enhanced data and dictation list as well as sending options - direct to a netowork folder, via Philips SpeechLive (cloud service) or email.

Integrate SpeechAir into YOUR solution

Philips SpeechAir smart voice recorder offers various connection options for configuration and data transfer. The device and app can be configured by the Philips Remote Device Manager or manually. You can even send your dictations or other files from your own app to your workflow software by using the SpeechAir app SDK  You can also use the PHilips dictation recorder app to send your recordings to a dictation workflow software.

Everything you need

The Philips SpeechAir will come as standard with everything you need for professional dictation;

◊   Philips SpeechAir Smart Voice Recorder

◊   Docking Station

◊   Stereo Earphones

◊   Data USB Cable

◊   Power USB Cable

◊   Power Supply

◊   SpeechExec Pro Dictate dictation workflow software

Various value bundles will also be offered, as well as packages minus the software for users that wish to integrate with existing dictation workflow software

Professional Accessories

VoiceX will be releasing a range of professional accessories and services to further enhance your SpeechAir system. The most valuable accessory will be the SpeechAir case, an antimicrbial case developed to ensure maximum protection for your voice recorder. The SpeechAir case has an integrated clip to keep your recorder within reach at all times and it perfectly fits into the docking station and provices access to all ports, controls and microphones.

Philips & VoiceX

Philips SpeechAir is compatible with;

◊   Philips SpeechExec Pro Dictate - Desktop Dictation Workflow Software

◊   Philips SpeechLive - Cloud-based dictation workflow solution

◊   Philips SpeechExec Enterprise - Centrally manageaged dictation workflow solution

VoiceX is Australia and New Zealands only Master Digital Centre Enterprise (MDC-E) and offer not only the full range of Philips dictation hardware but can also assist with consultancy, technical support, user training and implementation for all hardware, software as well as SDK's and Hardware SDK's.