SpeechLive Speech Recognition : Speech recognition in the cloud

Fast. Efficient. Speech Recognition in the cloud

The Philips SpeechLive Speech Recognition service  allows you to get more work done, in less time.

Simply dictate your notes, tasks or documents into your Philips voice recorder or SpeechLive dictation app and have your files transcribed almost immediately by our sophisticated software. Your finished text files will be sent straight to your inbox, saving you time and letting you focus on what is most important.

Ideal for use with the new Philips SpeechAir Smart Dictation Recorder - as this allows you to dictate using the high quality micorphones (designed for speech recognition) whilst you are out and about, AND SEND for speech recognition DIRECT from the device.


1      Dictate 2      Send 3      Receive
  Simply dictate your letter or report                                                                                                               Hit "Send" for SpeechLive speech recognition directly from your SpeechLive app or updload via your browser                         Receive your transcribed document within moments. Save or share with your collegues immediately


Cloud speech recognition service

Get up to 10 free minutes of speech recognition per user per month


If you purchase the SpeechLive Advanced Business Package or Advanced Business Package Plus, you will receive 10 free speech recognition minutes every month per user (5 minutes for Small Business Package accounts). The minutes are accredited to the account and can be used interchangeably between the authors.

Once these minutes are used up, you will need to pay for additional minutes - charged at .33c (AUD) per minutes. Similar to our transcription service, the pricing of our speech recognition is also based on an easy and convenient prepaid account model.

Simply charge your account with a certain amount of money and pay as you go. Unused free minutes will expire at the end of every month.

Philips dictation app
Non-stop productivity guaranteed

Together with the Philips dictation app, you can record and get ready transcripts from anywhere and at any time. Unlike most speech recognition apps, SpeechLive speech recognition can transcribe even longer recordings and understands commands such as ‘new paragraph’, making it easier for you to format your document.

Send your dictations straight from the Dictation Recorder App

Choose your speech recognition lanaguages

Available in: Czech, Danish, Dutch, English (US/UK/Australia), Finnish, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese (Portugal), Russian, Slovak, Spanish (Spain/LatAm), Swedish and Turkish.